May we present the R&D department

May we present the R&D department
22 January 2019

New technologies, new production methods, new raw materials, new rules and legislation: at EPI we are on the ball! Our researchers and developers work in an ultramodern laboratory with the latest equipment, so that you get the quality, which you expect from us, day after day. We are pleased to present our R&D team to you!


Team members

The team consists of Tonie, Rick and Joost, who are all dedicated to their jobs. “Working at EPI is great: Every day we deal with new developments and discoveries plus we complement one another really well” says Joost. Whereas Joost has worked at EPI for quite some time, Tonie and Rick are relatively new to the team. Tonie used to work at the Technical University in Delft and was ready for a new challenge. Rick has only just finished his chemical studies; he carried out his graduation project in a coating business. “Combining one person’s work experience with another person’s fresh views helps us arrive at the best ideas!” says Joost. The department develops new products and improves on existing products continuously. The Research & Development department also supports the Production department and assists the Quality Control department in solving complaints.

Latest development

The latest R & D development is the EPI Superbase casting floor with an extra membrane. “A product with sound damping and flexible properties”, explains Joost. “Due to its flexibility, an EPI Superbase casting floor with membrane has crack-bridging properties of up to 2.5 mm. Its sound damping component realizes a sound reduction of at least 15 dB. And the floor has a thickness of just 2.2 to 3 mm. We are very proud of this result!”

Requirements of the final product

First thing, before the department even starts developing, is to determine the requirements that the final product must meet. For the development of the EPI Membrane we started out with the EPI athletics course, as this possesses many of the qualities that the EPI Membrane was to meet. After the necessary research and some adjustments to the recipe of the EPI athletics courses, we achieved the proper measure of sound damping and flexibility.

Present projects

At present, the men are busy streamlining fillers, testing products as regards saponification and auto-resistance, and developing new products. “We carry out our own tests, but all products are also tested by an independent bureau”, says Joost. “They check whether the products meet the correct standards.”

Check, check, double-check

”When developing new products, the R&D department always makes a product on a small scale. In this way we can test in practice whether the product is user-friendly enough and whether it meets the applicator’s demands. Once a product has passed all tests, it goes to our Colour manager Anika. She then develops all colours for this product.”
Joost: “In short, our department ensures that at EPI we always deliver the quality customers expect from us and remain the trendsetters in the market with our products!”