How do you maintain your cast floor?

How do you maintain your cast floor?
06 August 2018

Top tips to enjoy your cast floor for even longer

There are several things you yourself can do to improve the lifespan of your cast floor. Firstly, after laying the floor, it is important that you allow the floor to set and harden properly for a full week before exposing it to chemicals or moisture. To prevent scratches it is advisable to place barrier matting around entry doorways. This will prevent sand and grit from being walked onto the floor. It also helps to check the floor regularly for marks, so that these can be removed timely. Certain substances, such as alcohol, can cause permanent marks. Did a glass of wine fall during a party? Mop it up as soon as possible, in any case within 30 minutes.

EPI Design floorsCleaning cast floor
When cleaning your floor it is important that you use the right detergents. To prevent scratches, use a (soft) brush when vacuuming. Do not use scouring agents, as they can cause scratches, similarly, chlorinated agents can cause marks to appear on the cast floor. Products containing soap and polymers are also not suitable, as they leave residue behind, making cleaning more difficult in the long run. So, clean your floor regularly in the prescribed manner and only use cleaning products which are suitable for your floor. Note that no wet tools or moisture-retaining items such as wood, rubber, and leather can be placed on the floor as they may leave marks.

Prevent scratches
It will also help to ensure that your furniture doesn’t scratch the floor. When moving furniture, lift it instead of sliding it over the floor and fit any legs with a protective layer. For more information about suitable furniture protectors we refer you to scratchnomore.nl. Of course, another option would be to place a rug or carpet underneath your furniture. A nice rug will add just that little extra to your room and will remove any risk of scratches. Do note however, that the underside of your rug should be plasticiser-free, meaning it should not contain any gel-like substances. This also goes for any anti-slip mats! A rug made of natural materials like wool or jute is preferable.

As long as you observe the advices above, you’ll have years of enjoyment from your cast floor!
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