With the unique EPI Superbase casting floor cracks are history

With the unique EPI Superbase casting floor cracks are history
22 February 2019

Casting floors are immensely popular because they are stylish and comfortable. Evidently, such eye-catching floors should be free of defects.  Therefore, we developed the EPI Superbase casting floor with a special crack-bridging membrane. This membrane absorbs 99% of all cracks, which means that with this solution you opt for security. This combination also reduces the impact sound by 15 dB!

What causes cracks in casting floors?

The sleek look of casting floors is due, among other things, to their superb adhesion to the substrate.  Cracks in casting floors are often caused by cracks in the substrate. Movement of the substrate may also cause cracks in the casting floor. Fortunately, EPI casting floors are slightly elastic. This elasticity prevents little cracks in the substrate from continuing into the casting floor. If a crack in the substrate increases, a crack or a fine line (vein) will develop in the casting floor.

Can I prevent crack formation?

Often you can! A good preparation of the substrate in many cases prevents crack formation. In case you have floor heating, you should observe the heating-up protocol. If you have a newly-built house the floors of which still need to settle, or if you come across dilatations (expansion joints) in your home, we recommend extra precautions.

Opt for security!

Do you have a newly-built house or do you simply want security? In that case, you should opt for an EPI Superbase casting floor combined with membrane. No veins will form and both contraction cracks and cracks due to settlement with a width of up to 2.5 mm will be bridged. This may not seem much, but it is substantial. Cracks due to contraction and settlement that exceed 2.5 mm are exclusively caused by building errors and natural disasters. With its static crack bridging properties amounting to at least 2.5 mm, the EPI Superbase casting floor combined with membrane falls in the highest possible crack bridging category (A5).

Additional advantages

Standard EPI Superbase casting floors are already superbly strong and comfortable.  If you opt for the extra EPI Membrane, your floor will be even more comfortable. As a Superbase casting floor with membrane reduces the impact sound by 15 dB, your floor will also amply meet the European standards for apartment floors. And finally: both the EPI Superbase casting floor and the membrane are fully solvent-free and contain for the most part natural raw materials and fillers, which benefits the environment. Your floor will last on average forty years and after that the casting floor may be recycled to become a filler for a new floor!

Visit the source!

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