Cold weather requires a warm interior!

Cold weather requires a warm interior!
28 December 2018

As the days grow colder, our longing for warmth increases. Not only for warm weather, but also for a warm home. The trend for 2019 is precisely this: to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in an urban living style. Many organic forms, contrasts and a warm, attractive basis that also happens to be durable.  A casting floor fits perfectly into this trend, especially in view of its wealth of possibilities. A casting floor may be combined with many styles, varying from warm, cosy and pleasant up to minimalistic and sleek.

A casting floor’s warm appearance

People often think of casting floors as looking cold and sleek. Nothing is further from the truth. Casting floors can create an attractive and warm basis, as they offer so many possibilities and colours. For an even warmer look, you can create a blend by mixing two colours. With a casting floor you can make any room special, whether it is large or small. The urban living style focuses on making the best of one’s space. A beautiful seamless floor certainly contributes to this. It prevents a small room from becoming even smaller. Casting floors are also ideal for combined living and working areas. As they are practical to maintain, your room always looks tidy.

An attractive and trendy colour palette

To some extent the colour of the floor determines its look. Together with Christine Boland of Trends & Mindsets, we composed a unique colour collection to match with present-day interior design. She came up with six themes for the EPI casting floors, so take your pick! The colour palette comprises both Solid and Blend colours. Solid, or uni colours create a rather sleek look. Blend colours are a mix of two colours and provide a natural touch, which creates a warm and homey atmosphere. The collection of EPI floors focuses on the following themes:

Natural neutrals

A palette of natural colours that combine well with an attractive ambience. These colours can be used on floors, on walls, or on both.

Ethnic warmth

This collection does live up to its name! Beautiful warm colours that create an attractive interior. The Corestone collection can also be used on the floors and on the walls.

Scandinavian clean

Many fresh and bright colours; several options may also be used in another than an industrial setting.

Industrial cool

The name of the collection says it all: these colours superbly fit in with an industrial or a minimalistic look. The Corestone collection also creates a beautiful sleek look on walls.

Modern pastels

Here again you see fresh and bright colours. Beautiful pastel shades that create a design look, even in the nursery. But also in the rest of the interior or in the business area, these beautiful colours may create a special look.

Colour mix

The colour mix appeals to everyone who loves a lively interior. Loud colours that spice up the interior’s look. The Flash colours in particular liven up the room.