Are casting floors suitable for both new houses and floor renovations?

Are casting floors suitable for both new houses and floor renovations?
05 February 2019

A renovation or a new house? There always is a suitable casting floor

Whether you just moved or wish to renovate your present home, in both cases you may decide to purchase a new floor. In that case, a casting floor is a stylish, and what’s more, a sustainable choice. Casting floors are strong and last up to 30 years. Unlike with e.g. a parquet floor, however, you need to consider several things if you intend to apply a casting floor.

Suitability for floor renovations

As a rule, casting floors are very suitable for floor renovations, as at the time of application they are fluid and only several millimetres thick. In general, polyurethane casting floors can be applied on top of most existing floors. It is important though, that the existing floor is stable enough and offers good adhesion properties to the new floor. This is not the case with linoleum, cork or wooden floors. In such situations, the existing floor will have to be treated or removed before applying the new floor. Substrate materials that are excellently suitable are: anhydrite, sand cement screeds or concrete.

Suitability for new homes

For new homes, casting floors are also an excellent choice. However, you need consider that after some time the floor construction and therefore also the stucco may settle a little (often several millimetres). As the home is not entirely stable yet directly after it is completed, this settlement affects the casting floor. Annoying cracks may form after the application of the casting floor. If you have a new home and wish to have a casting floor, your best choice is the new EPI Superbase casting floor. This floor offers static 2,5-millimetre crack bridging properties. This almost completely prevents the formation of cracks and fissures in the floor. In addition, EPI Superbase casting floors are sound damping and therefore also suitable for sound reduction in e.g. apartments. Do you expect your new home to settle more than 2.5 millimetres? You are then advised to postpone the application of the casting floor, until the home has stabilized sufficiently. Please ask for advice in advance.

Stylish, sustainable and energy-efficient

Apart from their sustainability and the fact that they blend in beautifully with the interior, casting floors have other advantages. They can be cleaned quickly, they are low maintenance maintenance, they last up to 30 years and they are fully seamless. Did you know that casting floors also combine very well with floor heating? For the floors transmit heat perfectly and spread it evenly. Never again will you suffer from cold feet in the winter! And in the summertime, the floor has a cooling effect. The foregoing shows, that application of a casting floor is almost always possible, on condition that your existing floor and home are checked before its application. If this is done professionally, you will enjoy your new floor for many years to come!